Untitled, 2002 (2008), paper, adhesive tape, fishing line, nails, wall

Materials: Glossy paper sheets - white on one side and black on the other, cellophane tape, scissors, fishing line, steel nails, wall
Instructions: 1. Locate a vacant wall area where the finished work will be installed. 2. Cut triangular strips in varying lengths and widths from the paper sheets. 3. Attach a series of cut triangles to the sticky side of a strip of tape. Repeat the adhesion act several times, until the individual units are joined into one continuous unit equal in width to the width of the wall section selected for the work. Note: The triangles must be attached without spaces, a uniform color on each side. 4. Turn the triangle strip face down, and stretch a second strip of tape along the existing one, so that the tape surfaces are facing one another. 5. Place the nails in the wall in the area designated for the work. 6. Stretch transparent fishing line between the nails. 7. Extend the finished triangle strip and place it on the thread stretched between the nails in the wall.

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