The exhibition presents a collection of works by recent Israeli art school graduates.

The task of selecting a limited group of promising artists and daring to call them "rising stars" is ambitious, challenging, highly subjective, laden with responsibility and some would say pretentious and unfair. It is difficult to judge the works of artists in the making, and even more difficult to exclude other talents who are bound to be discovered later on in their career.

The two major factors in the process of selecting the young artists participating in this exhibition were our impressions of their graduation projects and talks with the artists themselves as well as the teachers and mentors who taught and knew them throughout their studies. An interesting question raised in these conversations was how to define the typical traits of a promising young artist. Some suggestions were a passion for art, commitment to creativity, eagerness to explore diverse artistic disciplines, awareness of the artistic discourse, cultivation of critical reflection, and refinement of a personal artistic language. We also discussed the willingness to dare, take risks and cope with failure. Having said all that, clearly this is not an exhaustive, mandatory recipe, as an artist can succeed even without some or any of these traits.

Our talks also concerned the elusive concept of success. Commercial success would be an obvious criterion, as would be presenting works in major venues in Israel and worldwide and international acclaim. Another key aspect is respectable status in the art community, being an object of appreciation and a source of inspiration among one's peers - a pillar in the community who influences the next generation. Finally, there is the subjective aspect - the artist's own sense of fulfillment with her oeuvre.

In the dozens of artworks reviewed, we found several recurring characteristics, such as the use of found, industrial and low-cost materials to create a rich, enchanting and tantalizing world; a fascination with myths and rituals, but also with the marginal, different and Other; statements of subtle and subversive sociopolitical protest; and sophisticated applications of state-of-the-art technologies that expand the museum's boundaries to incorporate the virtual world. Being able to take advantage of these technologies comes naturally to this new generation, allowing these emerging artists to reexamine traditional artistic themes.

The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art is dedicated to offering an exhibition venue for talented young artists in the early stages of their career. The exhibition takes this tradition an important step forward.


Participating artists:

Yair Agmon, Majd Amori, Rubi Bakal, Milly Barzellai, Ido Bercovier, Nava Berg, Ofer Bessudo, Adi Dahan, Ruti De Vries, Lali Fruheling, Jonathan Goldman, Dorian Gottlieb, Tzion Abraham Hazan, Tamar Hirschfeld, Itamar Inbar, Orit Ishay, Elian (Lula) Kaczka, Mahmood Kaiss, Judith Kakon, Gili Lavy, Ori Levin, Inbal Mendes-Flohr , Ravit Mishli, Lior Modan, Shir Moran, Margarita Perlin, Yeshaiahu Rabinowitz, Shai Ratner, Hadas Satt, Ester Schneider, Lior Shachar, Ayana Shany, Rony Shvide Hazan, Avinoam Sternheim, Noa Turkenich, Amir Yatziv, Zaudito Yosef


Curators: Dalia Levin, Ghila Limon, Tal Bechler



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