Recovery: A Homage to Yacov Rechter

Yacov Rechter was one of the most prominent architects in Israel. The quality of his work, its scope and presence in our lives are virtually unprecedented. His architectural career is inextricably intertwined with the history of the State. It has accompanied the country's first fifty years and evolved side-by-side with it. The contents tackled by Rechter were different and diverse, spanning cultural centers, auditoriums and concert halls, courts of law, hospitals and convalescence homes, hotels, urban planning projects, university campuses, libraries and private homes. Nevertheless, it is hard to define the secret underlying the power of his architectural work. Rechter was not an architect of a single monumental masterpiece, nor did he formulate a single differentiated new style. The nature of his buildings has changed considerably over the years. His openness, curiosity and freshness enabled him to be influenced by a wide range of world architecture and to conduct architectural experiments. At the same time, an inner guideline prevented him from being swept along by fashion dictates and caprices. He remained faithful to the characteristics of the site, to a non-threatening scale, and to the Eretz-Israeli context within which he operated.

The Herzliya Museum of Art was designed by Yacov Rechter (Stage 1 - Museum of Art and Yad Labanim House, 1975; stage 2 - The Museum's Expansion, 2000). Dalia Levin, the Museum's Director and Chief Curator, decided to name the large concrete wall delineating the Museum's entrance hall the "Rechter Wall" and make it a project wall in his memory. Artists and curators will be invited to confront the hall and the dramatic presence of the wall within it.

The homage exhibition - Recovery (Curator: Osnat Rechter), focuses on three convalescence homes designed by Rechter in the 1960s: The Yossef Shprinzak Resort House in Nazareth, 1961 (co-designed with architects Zeev Rechter and Moshe Zarhy); The Yossef Bussel Convalescence Home in Safad, 1962; and the Mivtachim Resort House in Zichron Yaacov, 1968.

Concurrent to the work on the present show, which is a tribute rather than a retrospective exhibition, it was decided to publish a book that will allow for a more comprehensive presentation of Rechter's work. The book contains a discussion of his projects, photographs and sketches, presenting his work from various points of view - all in all 14 essays. The variegated list of writers reflects the desire to open up the architectural discourse that is closed within its discipline, to outline its interrelations with other fields, and specify the uniqueness of each project.

Curator: Osnat Rechter

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