Ayana Shany | RISING STAR

Curators: Dalia Levin, Ghila Limon, Tal Bechler
Jan. 4, 2014 - Aug. 16, 2014

Born in 1985. Lives and works in the Haifa area

Landscape, 2013, oil on canvas
Academy Award Winner for the Year of the Monkey, 2013, oil on canvas
Rectum, 2013, oil on canvas
Blower, 2013, oil on canvas
The Milky Way, 2013, oil on canvas
The Mating Season, 2013, oil on canvas
Ambidextrous, 2013, oil on canvas

Ayana Shany tells stories using painted surfaces and blots on canvas. Her works invite us to different realms. Some of them are possible translations of reality, while others are fashioned from imaginary beings that inhabit her mind and accompany her throughout her life. The scenes created in her mind are transformed into invented, twisted images that range from the figurative to the abstract.

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