The Art of Management, Contributing and Creative Vision – Emda Group for The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

To mark its 30th anniversary, Emda Group whose core activity is locating and recruiting CEOs and building managements and boards, the joint chairpersons: Ms. Nurit Berman and Mr. Ika Abarbanel awarded a NIS 50,000 scholarship to promote, encourage and train a new generation of curators in Israeli museums.

Natalie Tiznenko (32), selected by the donors and on the recommendation of Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, will be included in the institution’s activities for a year and will join its staff. Ms. Tiznenko is a graduate of the University of Haifa with a master’s degree in art history, she has served as an assistant curator in exhibitions and in various art projects.

The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art sincerely thanks Ms. Nurit Berman and Mr. Ika Abarbanel, heads of Emda, for finding Herzliya Museum to be an artistic institution worthy of their support, trust, and warm friendship.

תמונות נורית איקה ונטלי

Mr. Ika Abarbanel, Photo: Adi Ofer; Ms. Nurit Berman, Photo: Tali Rogev; Ms. Natalie Tiznenko, Photo: Shir Hassin