Bill of Lading | Group Exhibition

Curators: Nirith Nelson, Rotem Ruff
May 11, 2013 - Aug 3, 2013

Bill of Lading is a joint exhibition of Raqs Media Collective, based in New Delhi, and the Israeli artist Nevet Yitzhak. It is the outcome of concurrent 2011 residencies spent by the artists in Israel, at the JCVA residency, and India, in the KHOJ residency program, respectively.

The works of Raqs Media Collective and those of Nevet Yitzhak explore questions of social and political time and space as expressed in societies that are attempting to rebuilt and redefine their identities. Both use archival material and popular culture as the raw materials that allow them to study, observe, and offer a renewed understanding of historical, personal, and national narratives and to raise questions concerning the role of art in an information- and image-saturated era. Both work primarily with video, but despite their affinities, their approaches to the medium can be described as antithetical: whereas Raqs’ video works create the effect of a journey that expands the boundaries of language and of the imagination by means of basic metaphors, such as the body or the city, Yitzhak focuses on a deconstruction of particular units of meaning into their constituent parts – on a visual, temporal, and auditory level – while treating the medium of video as a tool that allows her to subvert conventional cultural and conceptual schemes.

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