Shir Moran | RISING STAR

Jan. 4, 2014 - Aug. 16, 2014

Born in 1986. Lives and works in Tel Aviv

Omer’s Dream/Salmon Dress, Hairpin, Cheeses and Ponytails, Teddy Bear Man, Dogs, 2012-2013, mixed media on paper

Shir Moran’s colorful works depict a world ruled by dreams, sometimes her own and sometimes her friends’. In her drawings, Moran explores the way certain images relate to the specific memory of a dream. She is not interested in interpreting her dreams or others’, but rather in recording their memory. The artist’s pictorial language is childish and naïve, inspired by cartoons, toys and fairytales. Initially trained in animation, Moran is attracted by the flatness of color markers, to which she adds color pencils and nail polish. Her works are exuberant, vibrant and full of surprising details discovered only upon close observation.

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