The Belfast Way | Group Exhibition

Curator: Sergio Edelsztein
March 5, 2005 - May 21, 2005

The exhibition The Belfast Way features works by ten Belfast-based artists. All of them are in their thirties. All were born in Ireland, or have been living and working there in recent years. The exhibition is not underlain by a thesis or a theory. It is merely an attempt to present an array of outstanding artists operating from this city, all of them endowed with a certain sensibility that seems to be prevalent in the Belfast artistic milieu, and with a clear bond to its political atmosphere. Rather than addressing the Northern Irish conflict in its direct political aspects, however, these artists choose to focus on different cultural “battlefields” where this conflict was – and still is being fought. Thus, one may find affiliation and history on the one hand, territory – namely, the urban sphere where most of the popular debate takes place and where subtle changes bear witness to political developments – on the other.

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