Gil Yefman | Temporary Relocation | The Bronner Residency

Curator: Tal Bechler
May 30, 2015 - Aug 15, 2015

Gil Yefman uses a variety of media – including knitting, weaving, sculpting, painting, printing, video, and installation – to challenge charged political and gendered notions. The works in the exhibition are based on photographs of mass graves in Nazi concentration camps. During his residency in Düsseldorf, Yefman painted elements from these images on ceramic tiles. His current works continue this exploration through deconstruction and reconstruction of the images in a repetitive pattern. In the video Decomposition (Video #1) the archival images are combined in a colorful, kaleidoscopic pattern that recalls a mandala – a symbolic pictorial representation of the universe and the human spirit in various religions originating in India. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung regarded the mandala as an archetypal representation of the Self, underlain by collective and personal unconscious contents. The dissonance between the means of representation and the work’s contents results in a lingering gaze which exposes the details of the horror portrayed. In the work Human Tapestry, the horrific images were woven into a jacquard fabric of the kind used for upholstery, thereby associating them with domestic practices. The roll of fabric conveys a sense of concealment while, at the same time, representing endless continuity.

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