Jens Pecho | Temporary Relocation | The Bronner Residency

Curator: Katharina Klang
May 30, 2015 - Aug 15, 2015

Language serves as a point of departure for much of Jens Pecho’s work. He reveals hidden subtexts and emphasizes double meanings in order to analytically destabilize the authority of written as well as spoken utterances. For the exhibition at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Pecho has produced the work Endless Wood. The work’s title is taken from the product name of the flooring material that the artist displays in the exhibition hall. It articulates an attempt to modify natural materials according to our desires, in this case expressed in an uninterrupted wood pattern. It can also be read as an assertion of never-ending resources. This strong belief in human ingenuity is confronted by the aggressive megalomania exposed in a video installation positioned nearby. The video Medley displays a scrolling text of blunt homophobic insults. The text, as becomes clear, is taken from song lyrics of contemporary popular and underground music. The unending explicit rhetoric of the video also adds another, more vulgar, reading to the work Endless Wood.

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