Amir Nave | Full to Capacity | 24/7

Curator: Aya Lurie
Jan. 16, 2016 - Apr. 30, 2016

The one-person exhibition of works by Amir Nave (b. 1974, Israel; lives in Tel Aviv) features oil and graphite on canvas paintings produced over the last two years. These large works attest to his dynamic work process – expanding the format, changing his painting materials, and distilling his symbolic language. At the very start of his career, Nave’s works were characterized by an intimate scale and mainly included drawing and intense, semi-automatic inscriptions scribbled with pen, pencil and felt-tip pens on casual papers or pages from old books. His repertoire of formats has expanded gradually. In addition to his continuous work on paper, he has started to paint in thick layers of oil on canvas. His last exhibition (Janco-dada Museum, 2014, curated by Meira Perry-Lehmann) was full of color and figurative imagery. His current works seem to propose a reductive process underlain by several tensions:
between the line or stain and the bare support, between material fullness and minimalism, between a connection to traditional painting and obstinate rejection of it. The works present a sharp, pithy image of an existential state – both internal and external – characterized by dense urgency, ceaseless self-searching, and constant oscillation between fantasy and trauma.

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