Anat Betzer | Three, Two, One, installation, 2003

Curator: Doron Rabina
Nov. 1, 2003 - Feb. 14, 2004

ענת בצר
One may perceive Three, Two, One as a “pleading” installation, namely – a principal, critical installation that realizes a piercing gaze at “culture” (an installation that addresses structures of taste, of a bourgeois social profile, of inquiry into the notion of museum display space, into art’s consumerist channels – art consumption, art as a commodity, etc.). Nevertheless, something in this piece implies the limits of its interest in a critical principle such as this. With an equal degree of arbitrariness one may regard this installation as an emotion alert – an installation that utilizes an indifferent rhetoric that is associated with the standard, with the all-too-familiar, to enshroud it with a mist of emotion, a private case of false promise. While all representations of domesticity ultimately touch upon the warmth that this concept is designed to elicit in each and every one of us, the act of unveiling the essential skeleton at the core of domesticity – the home – is almost automatically linked to the concept of its (ideological, political) collapse, thus engendering a sense of disconcert […]

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