Anna Jermolaeva | No-Nonsense – VideoZone

Curators: Antonio Geusa and Dalia Levin
Dec. 6, 2008 - Feb. 14, 2009

Überlebensversuch, 2000, video, loop
Kurvenreich (Curvaceous), 2002, video, 3:00 min
Murka (Flower Bed), 2002, video, 1:00 min
Untitled, 2004, video, 1:00 min
Ass Peeping, 2003, video, 2:00 min
Regenschirmdemo, 2004-2006, video, 7:00 min
go…go… go… go…, 2005, video, 1:00 min
Anna Jermolaeva
Anna Jermolaeva presents several short video works constructed as observations-sociological, physical, anthropological, and biological. The static camera captures and documents phenomena and behaviors of individuals and of various groups. In most cases, however, these groups consist of playbox objects such as dolls, mechanical dogs, and toy cars. Through near-documentary focus on these inanimate objects, Jermolaeva breathes life and drama into them.

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