Asad Azi | Men in the Sun

Curators: Tal Ben Zvi and Hanna Farah - Kufer Bir'im
June 13, 2009 - Sep. 13, 2009

Paintings and drawings
אסד עזי
Asad Azi’s series of paintings from the 1980s are based on a local landscape-the Tel Aviv-Jaffa beach-employing it as a surface for a mythological story which generates tension between sanity and insanity, between ostensible serenity and erupting violence.

The fisherman series was created between 1981 and 1985, a period in which Azi already lived in Jaffa. The image of the fisherman is widespread in the history of art. The major Arab cities-Acre, Haifa, and Jaffa-were fishing centers, and this image, much like the sabra, manifests endurance, steadfastness, and tenaciousness, representing the continuity of routine Palestinian life in the coastal towns after the Nakba. The fisherman metaphor, however, does not only express continuity; it also serves as a testimony and reminder of the thousands of fishing boats which carried thousands of destitute Palestinians from these ports to the refugee camps in Saida (Sidon) and Beirut.

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