Brice Dellsperger | The Second Strike

Curator: Ori Dessau
Oct. 10, 2011 - Dec. 24, 2011

Body Double 13, DVD, colour, sound, Duration: 00:03:32 (loop)

Brice Dellsperger’s “Body Double” videos are a numbered series in which the filmmaker and visual artist recreates famous movie scenes…
Recourse to general discourse prompts the observation, in line with Guy Debord, that the subject-spectator is alienated in a society of the spectacle and that appropriation, here through forms of remake, allows the phenomenon to be neutralized. The gesture of appropriation would be, in this sense, considered as a reappropriation, having salvatory virtues. Culture – high, low and in between – is a projective surface in which all combinations and games are possible. Beyond mediating images, works, flux, assaults, or shocks in televisual reception, reception here becomes a channel, a language, and a medium. In this sense, the remake is the demonstration of the creative character of perception and the proof that a receiving subject, who is never entirely alienated, exists. For Walter Benjamin, this reappropriation was creative above all. It is a movement destined for generalization. Simultaneously, and paradoxically, while cinema is the art form that alienates humanity most effectively, it also promises liberation. This potential emancipation that is implemented by cinema is carried out both in the technique and through the technique. It is the moment when art joins together with life, when artistic experience meets the mechanical experience lived through the everyday.

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