Chris Coombes | Other People’s Problems

Curators: Doreet Levitte Harten, Dalia Levin
Sep. 7, 2013 - Dec. 14, 2013

Born in Germany in 1974, lives and works in London
Law-Enforcement Slogans, 2011, digital print

This work by Chris Coombes lists the slogans of various international law-enforcement agencies, ranging from the poetic (“Truth Alone Triumphs” – Tamil Nadu Police, India) to the confusing (“Ahead, Always Ahead” – Maldives National Defense Force). Coombes comically highlights the varying degrees of stupidity characteristic of political semantics, as the slogans of law-enforcement agencies worldwide are reduced to one long, meaningless catchphrase in which incongruity and irony are pitted against earnest credulity.

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