Collection+ | Ilana Efrati

Collection+ | Ilana Efrati | After the “Birds’ Paradise”

Curators: Aya Lurie, Natalie Tiznenko
Dec. 25, 2021 - June 18, 2022

About three years ago, fashion designer and artist Ilana Efrati visited the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art and expressed interest in the textile works in the museum’s collection. At the collection storage rooms, she was drawn to an impressive and large tapestry by a rather forgotten artist, Diana Schor (b. 1926, Romania). The tapestry, titled Birds’ Paradise, was part of the museum’s permanent exhibition for a long time. It was subsequently put in storage for over twenty years, until it caught Efrati’s eye and piqued her curiosity. She was invited to engage in a dialogue with Schor, and the outcome is on view in the current exhibition as part of the Collection+ series of exhibitions.

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