Curatorial Exercises

Curatorial Exercises | Children Curate from the Museum’s Collection

Project led by MUZA, the Museum’s Educational Wing | Instruction and Curatorial Supervision: Gali Faber
May 13 - Aug. 5, 2017

The role of the museum curator has changed greatly over the years. Currently, this role definition stretches from the curator as an expert in charge of historical research and archival classification to a view of the curator as a cultural agent and creative initiator. The project “Curatorial Exercises” seeks to expand and challenge the range of the curatorial endeavor. A group of talented children aged nine to eleven have responded to our invitation on the social media, undertaking an educational journey whose culmination is an exhibition curated by them. As an alternative educational practice, curating opens up countless fields of knowledge through experience that is visceral and intellectual at the same time. For us at MUZA, the museum’s educational wing, it has been an opportunity to learn from the children’s direct encounter with the art works and gain a fresh perspective. The exhibition is therefore an invitation to a renewed encounter with the collection of the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art.

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