Dan Moshe | The 2nd Biennail

Oct. 3, 2009 - Oct. 10, 2009

1964, Tel Aviv
Lives and works in Bnei Brak

Ear Nose Mouth Lights, Two channel projection, looped, 1994

A video documenting the sound vibrations emitted through unlikely resonance chambers – the stomach, chest and throat – a process which leads to a deep spiritual sensation. Breathing pulsations reverberate in the body’s cavities, sending out frequencies that infuse the body to the point of numbness (from the ears up). The body becomes a breath-voice entity, as the voice reconnects the mind with itself. By the breaking of the glass man is delivered from all that binds him, from all impediments to becoming one with his breath-voice: the attachment to matter and bodily passions. Sometimes it takes a thing on earth to get shattered, in order for something to break in the heavens.

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