Daniella Meroz | Bouncing Ball

Curator: Sally Haftel
July 23, 2022 - Dec. 3, 2022

Bouncing Ball, 2022
Video and animation, 15 min

The video work Bouncing Ball shows a polarized world forged by just two actions – hitting the ball and escaping from it. On manicured lawns, a row of figures are seen being subjected to relentless attack from a single game ball, or running from it. The ball offers the central viewpoint of the work and is its plot generator. The video presents an imaginary world populated by characters that are fantastic, colorful, and humorous but also vulnerable. Their role is defined by their shape, attire, and attributes. Their limitations and narrow worldview, too, serve their destiny in the world. As in mythological plots or in superhero depictions, the imprint and characterization of the figures are deterministic, depending on their intended role in the great scheme of things.

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