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Nov. 20, 2004 - Feb. 12, 2005

Brothers in Arms (Not a Political Film), 2004, video, 16 min
דורון סולומונס

[…] The film’s main image is that of Siamese twins, brothers-in-blood who are also brothers-in-arms. It is a verbally simple and visually rich image that introduces the figure of symmetry into a political discussion. It strikes the filmmaker’s political opinions, for it does not allow the casting of unequivocal blame on one party. One may distinguish between the evil brother and the good brother, yet having two heads and a single body makes it a package deal – brothers-in-blood. Symmetry is the enemy of decisiveness, but it is also the mother of maturity and sober insight. The great value of symmetry lies in the fact that it is unacceptable to both parties. The inner wrestling which acquires a dual-face is the essential difference between propaganda and a true political film. Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to seeing propaganda films here and not to notice the political failure and the simplicity inherent in them. We have become accustomed to seeing justice that has no brothers, lonely righteousness without blood relatives. All these fears are adjoined here by the fear of propaganda. […]
In films made by settlers there are no Arabs, and in films by Arabs you see no Jews and no terrorist attacks, and in films by leftists the corruption inherent in power and authority is made perfectly clear and the history of fear is forgotten. And here is a different film that begins with the moment when the wrestlers embrace for rest, a moment that grants them both victory, or at least, a shared loss.

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