Efim Graboy & Daria Turetski

Efim Graboy & Daria Turetski | Children’s Talk

Curator: Chen Sheinberg
May 11, 2013 - Aug 3, 2013

Efim Graboy born in 1989; Daria Turetski born in 1990, both live and work in Tel Aviv
Life in a plate, 2012, video, 7:51 min.

In Efim Graboy & Daria Turetski’s film, a bored young girl creates an imaginary world of her own from the veggies on her luncheon plate. Her wandering thoughts and daydreaming shift us to another world made entirely of animated vegetables, fruits and other foodstuffs: the girl is made of a potato and sweet red pepper; the meadow where she runs – of lettuce and cabbage leaves; the trees – of rye bread; and the bunny she rescues and takes with her on her journey is made, in its entirety, of brine cheese. The way the landscape is designed in the film might remind one of the portraits of 16th century Italian painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo that were made of various objects such as fruits, vegetables and flowers.

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