Einat Arif-Galanti

Einat Arif-Galanti | Cabinets of Wonder in Contemporary Art

Curators: Dalia Levin, Daria Kaufmann and Ghila Limon
Sep. 8, 2012 - Dec. 29, 2012

Born in Israel, 1975

Wrinkled fruit 2003, Pear and Apple 2004, Egg 2008, Cabbage 2008, Ants candy 2008, Plastic grapes 2008, Pepper 2008, Watermelon and melon 2010, Butternut squash 2011, 9 photographs, installation.


The advertising images characteristic of consumer society portray only perfect food items, leaving no place for signs of decay or imperfection. The photographs created by Anat Arif-Galanti, by contrast, are inspired by the tradition of still-life paintings, and the food items they capture are treated as allegories of the human condition and of the passage of time.

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