Eli Gur Arie | Civilian Applications, installation, 2003

Curator: Doron Rabina
Nov. 1, 2003 - Feb. 14, 2004

אלי גור אריה

In the exhibition Civilian Applications a “technological salon” is created, presenting civil implementations of military technologies. A desolate and degenerated world becomes fertile ground for the revival of a new evolution that works diligently on repair.

When the political chooses to be manifested by means of a fantastic rhetoric, it makes a sharp turn, which may be unexpected or self-evident, to the practice of estrangement. […] Gur Arie’s works stretch the strangeness to the uttermost limit, and produce what at first glance are sated objects, objects that celebrate a rich existence, that possess an aesthetic resilience, a hermetic visual economy, bounded by beauty made extreme, imprisoned in an appearance that at first glance nullifies every kind of consciousness; too beautiful to ask questions, too spectacular to be troubling. On this basis begins the peculiar negotiation that Gur Arie’s works conduct with the world.

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