Erez Israeli |

Nov. 1, 2003 - Feb. 14, 2004

ארז ישראלי
Untitled, Video / installation, 2003

Every year I stand. Afterwards I tell myself that perhaps next year I’ll finally be able to feel the pain. I have become physically accustomed to standing at attention, sharing a nation’s pain, a vague distant hurt; pain that swallows the identity of those hurting, wrapping itself in shiny shrouds. The extras in Erez Israeli’s video installation have become accustomed too. They construct a base-less Star-of-David pyramid, producing a truncated symbol. They sweat for the sake of creating a heroic moment, for the sake of art (not for the country’s sake, and certainly not for their own). The iron discipline tests their muscles, making sure that they exert themselves, as they should. They too stand, following the orders. Without asking questions or understanding, they strain to create a cliché, taking a Star-of-David and transforming it into a futile event. There is no reward, nor any fatalities. I face them, seeking the awe of the moment, the moment of death, the transition from innocence to heroism; probing how the young boys unite to form a sculpture, a symbol, practically fighting for it.

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