Fabrice Gygi | The Second Strike

Curator: Ori Dessau
Oct. 10, 2011 - Dec. 24, 2011

Star System, 2008, Steel
Adaptation Bag, 2005, Metal, Leather
פבריס ג'יג'י
Fabrice Gygi’s work often refers to the viewer’s physicality and gaze. His works represent and define area and action by way of site-dependent installations and functional public structures, which speak to “the often unnoticed architecture of authority in urban environments” by means of appearances of “objects such as bleachers, crowd-control barriers, podiums, loudspeakers and tents [which] become stripped of their civic or military utility and charged with an ambiguous political character.”[1] Gygi’s architecture of power, those abstract structures of a mysterious authority, shows us that the relation between subordination on the one hand and knowledge and recognition on the other is not necessary, that power can also be a function of design. His art sets the conditions for participation and active involvement; however, the realization of the works’ activist social potential does not offer a utopian space, in the framework of which a work of art might participate in the historical realm, but threatens to use violence.

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