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Curator: Aya Lurie
Dec. 22, 2018 - Apr. 27, 2019

Just a single letter distinguishes Haim Fenichel – who was killed in the 1967 War and received the IDF Chief of Staff’s Medal of Honor after his death – and his nephew, the sculptor Haimi Fenichel, born in 1972, who is named after him. The picture of the dead uncle – with the inscription Haim Fenichel RIP – gazed upon Haimi, throughout his childhood, during his weekly visits to his grandparents’ home. From there he embarked on a steady, ant-like journey that harks back to that childhood and that Israeliness, and sparks a kind of internal transformation within them. To paraphrase Isaac in the Book of Genesis 27:22: “The voice is Haim’s, but the hands are those of Haimi” – and the transition between them is almost imperceptible. Fenichel the sculptor – a graduate of the Ceramic Design Department of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design – plays with materials, swapping them around to create new combinations of image and substance, to produce hybrids that are at once familiar and alien.

חיימי פניכל

Haimi Fenichel, Ladder, 2010, handmade hollow sand casting, 260x80x10 cm
(photo: Yuval Hai)

חיימי פניכל

Haimi Fenichel, detail from Ladder, 2010, handmade hollow sand casting, 260x80x10 cm
(photo: Yuval Hai)

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