Collection+ | Hand Built

Collection+ | Hand Built | Multi-Generation Ceramic Sculpture in Israel

Curator: Tali Kayam
Dec. 25, 2021 - June 18, 2022

Yoav Admoni, Netaly Aylon, Hedwig Grossman, Nora Kochavi and Naomi Bitter, Abraham Kritzman, Gedula Ogen, Ligal Sofer, Talia Tokatly

The name of the exhibition – Hand Built – refers to a set of ceramic techniques that do not involve the use of instruments, including slab construction, coil construction, pinching, and press molding. The exhibition presents the works of artists of various generations who use these techniques, in a quasi-genealogical arrangement. The legacy of unmediated contact with the clay has been passed down from teacher to student, from generation to generation – from veteran potter Hedwig Grossman, to contemporary artists who share professional knowledge and insights with each other in an online community. These generations are presented in a non-hierarchical manner and with no orderly linear structure. What links them together is an ancient aesthetic, inherent in the DNA of the clay itself, as it were, which was not appreciated in the past but continues to characterize works that are created today and is now being re-evaluated.

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