Inward Gaze II | Artists: Rotem Balva, Shibetz Cohen, Hadas Hassid, Irit Tamari, Orith Youdovich, Noa Zait

Curator: Aya Lurie
Sep. 26, 2015 - Dec. 26, 2015

The group exhibition “Inward Gaze II” comprises works of art created in dialogue with the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art building. In each, the museum’s unique architecture, which has undergone structural and functional changes over the years, plays a central role. The exhibition directs its gaze on artworks made in direct response to the building in which they are exhibited – that is, engaging in a dialogue with the venue’s museal and architectural aspects.[1] The exhibition was first on view, in somewhat different form, in February 2015. In its current form, additional works were added to the exhibition and it is on view on the bottom floor of the museum, where it functions as a kind of accumulating archive referencing the building above.

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