Irit Batsry | Panorama’s

Curator: Dalia Levin
Sep. 6, 2008 - Nov. 15, 2008

Beach at Night Fall, 2008, video installation
Wave breaker, 4’07” (right projection)
Vanishing Line, 3’19” (left projection)
Fire Birds, 4’52”, (middle projection)
irit batsry
Irit Batsry’s video installation consists of several projections of video excerpts taken in Tel Aviv’s “Drummers Beach.” In recent years, this stretch of shoreline has served as a meeting point for youngsters, ex-backpackers in India, who gather every Friday evening to form a circle of fire performers, drummers, and music against the backdrop of the setting sun. The result fuses banal touristy exotica with spiritual, virtually-tribal ritualism.

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