it’sme: auto/biography

it’sme: auto/biography | Group Exhibition

Curators: Joshua Simon and Dalia Levin
Sep. 24, 2005 - Dec. 24, 2005

it’sme: auto/biography in Contemporary Israeli Art
If you want my auto, / Want my autobiography, / Baby just ask me.
— Ashlee Simpson, from Autobiography, 2004

The exhibition it’sme: Auto/biography in Contemporary Israeli Art opens concurrent with the publication of issue no. 8 of the art magazine Hamidrasha: Autoi/biography (Editor: Gilad Meltzer). One may regard the magazine as a theoretical catalogue commenting on themes associated with the exhibition, while the accompanying CD is a documentation of it’sme and the range of additional exhibitions participating in the Auto/biography Project, Autumn 2005.

The exhibition presents biographical and autobiographical works by Israeli artists, of the young generation for the most part, where the artists themselves star, using their personal stories as raw material. In many cases, biography and autobiography assume the form of a story underlain by a progression of initiation, maturation and mellowing or, alternatively, withering, loss, decline, and even death. Biography is a story intended to introduce a man’s chronicles, accompanied by a necessary measure of compromises, half-truths, and masking of events better kept silent.

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