Jan Henle | Panorama’s

Curator: Dalia Levin
Sep. 6, 2008 - Nov. 15, 2008

Con el Mismo Amor (‘With the Same Love’), 2005, video, 20 min

“You know what you are doing, because you live a certain way, and the work stems from this life.”
–Jan Henle

Jan Henle
Jan Henle’s video documents the process of creation and development of a “living sculpture” near the town of Maricao in the mountains of southwest Puerto Rico over a period of eight years (1999-2007). The point of departure for Henle’s work, who has been working in the Caribbean Islands since the 1970s, was an abandoned coffee plantation overgrown with tropical vegetation. The artist cleaned the site with the assistance of jíbaros (Puerto Rican mountain men), who used simple tools, such as axes, machetes, and spades-traditional, handheld tools whereby the texture, color, and form of the earth were exposed. In the next phase, indigenous hardwoods were planted on site (species which were virtually extinct in part).

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