Jodie Vicenta Jacobson

Jodie Vicenta Jacobson | The Forest

Curator: Dalia Levin
Jan. 7, 2006 - March 18, 2006

All the Sex We’re Not Having, 2002, video, 3 min.
Aspens, 2005, video, 3:30 min.

Jodie Vicenta Jacobson
Jodie Vicenta Jacobson’s two video works screened consecutively address the fine link between image, movement and time. Jacobson began her artistic career as a photographer. Discussing her transition to video, she says: “Not having given up photography, video represents to me a pregnant new medium for inserting sound and time into my photographic aesthetic. Each piece is therefore a foray into what makes video different from still photography, while maintaining a desire to frame and communicate with the world through a lens.”

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