Keren Gueller | Children’s Talk

Curator: Chen Sheinberg
May 11, 2013 - Aug 3, 2013

Born in 1976, lives and works in Israel
Counting sheep, 2012, video, 7:00 min.

Keren Gueller’s work corresponds with one of Israeli children’s constitutive albums, Ha’Keves Ha’Shisha Asar (The 16th Sheep). The work alludes to the gap between the idyllic superficial picture we have of childhood and the cracks that are formed within that image and reveal a reality that is usually censored and deemed unfit for children’s eyes. Bringing together two innocent entities – children and animals – the lyrics of the album’s title song, written by Yehonatan Geffen, depict a boy who tries to lull himself to sleep by counting the sheep passing over his head.

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