Letter from Mr. Faustus – Seven Adaptations from Berlin

Letter from Mr. Faustus – Seven Adaptations from Berlin | Group Exhibition | Back to Berlin

Curators: Amir Fattal and Stephen Köhler
Sep. 20, 2014 - Jan. 17, 2015

In his book Doctor Faustus, Thomas Mann writes about the concept of a time triangle. Through the character of Dr. Serenus Zeitblom, Mann describes an event that took place in 1912, just before the First World War, but he does so in 1944, already aware of the coming end of the second. Mann is conscious of the fact that by the time his book is done, the readers will experience the story in yet a third point in time, sometime in the future. Each of these points – the original story, its novelization, and its experience by future readers – grounds historical events in a new context and opens a new perspective. This exhibition presents a selection of various artworks produced in Germany in the past ten years, based on different strategies of artistic adaptation. The starting point for each piece is a literary, musical or filmic milestone that is culturally significant both as an artistic masterpiece and as a historical document shedding light on the turbulent politics of 20th-century Germany.

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