Makers | Real Time | 24/7

Curator: Sharon Barak Raif
Jan. 16, 2016 - Apr. 30, 2016

Participants: Matan Berkowitz, HAR, Zohar Levi, Roi Stepansky, and Liron Zabari; Eddie Israelsky and Alon Segal; Batt-Girl, Eyal Gruss, Christiane Huber, Alon Kaplan, Adi Lavy, Rotem Levim, and Neora ShemShaul; Doron Assayas Terre, Eran Hilleli, and Giori Politi; Liat Segal; Noy Barak, Nathan Intrator, and Lenny Ridel; ForReal Team – Tomer Daniel, Zvika Markfeld, and Saron Paz – with Eyal Gruss

Development of HMOCA App: Liron Lerman

The exhibition features seven projects that engage with the notion of “real time.” This notion is in contrast to the contemporary 24/7 perception of time as continuous and limitless. Paul Virilio refers to real-time action, made possible through digital technology, as a dramatic turning point in our relationship to the world. “Cyberspace is a new form of perspective,” he claims. “… Seeing at a distance, hearing at a distance – such was the basis of visual and acoustic perspective. But touching at a distance, feeling at a distance, this shifts perspective into a field where it had never before applied: contact, electronic contact, telecontact.” {1} The interactive works in the exhibition engage with various aspects of this notion, raising questions about the perception of time produced by technology and the interrelations between man and technology.

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