Maya Cohen-Levy | Group Exhibition

June 4, 2005 - Sep. 3, 2005

Towers, 2004-2005, peeled photographs
מאיה כהן-לוי
“Observing Maya Cohen Levy’s new works from a distance may be confusing: one is confronted with monumental photographs of Tel Aviv’s Azrieli Towers, painted, as it were, with various patterns of white stripes – closed or freely scattered geometrical patterns – as a contrastive encounter between the three-dimensional photographic representation of the towers and the two-dimensional, flat, stripe-stain structures smeared on or attached to them. A closer look, however, reveals that the artist attached nothing to the photograph, nor did she smear any paint on it, but to the contrary – she cut it so that the surface of the photograph, the white surface of the paper, appears behind the photograph and through the black-white-gray forms represented in it. The resulting collage is not the outcome of an act of superimposition and addition, but rather one of subtraction: Maya Cohen Levy sculpts photographs – physically.

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