Michele Magema | A Collective Diary

Curators: Simon Njami & Mikaela Zyss
Jan. 9, 2010 - Apr. 4, 2010

Fleurs de Lys (Lilies), video, 5 min., 2006
Dis dis moi comment on dit nature morte aux pays des grands lacs (Tell Me Tell Me How to Say Still Life in the Country of Great Lakes), video installation, loop, 2006
Elément, video, 2 min., 2004
Tani Kasegi: (Aller-Retour) (Go and Go Back), video, 13 min., 2007

מישל מאז'מה
A Woman’s Intermezzo
Michèle Magema draws from her experience as a child exiled from her homeland. Today, as she develops her art, Magema examines the history of her people; the history of Congo (formerly Zaire), the land of her birth, a former Belgian colony turned dictatorship after the African states obtained their independence in the Sixties. Slavery, genocide and internal wars are also a major focus in her work.

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