Miriam Chalfi | Bare Eyed | In Her Footsteps

Curator: Galia Bar Or
Jan. 14, 2017 - Apr. 22, 2017

The dome of blue
in heaven
is suspended from nothingness
When I close my eyes
I see

– Miriam Chalfi, from “Bare Eyed”1

Blue sky (painting), suspension and leaning (sculpture), seeing and masking (poetry) – in the work of Miriam Chalfi (ca. 1917–2002) each field touches on another, and an enigmatic, unexpected element is inherent in all. “When I close my eyes/ I see,” she writes in her poem “Bare Eyed.” Chalfi’s work is one organic whole comprising antithetical worlds: the crude and the crystalline, being and non-being, consolation side by side with a gaping abyss; a precarious balance.

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