Moran Shoub | Tzila Binder’s Cheerful Eyes | In Her Footsteps

Curator: Aya Lurie
Jan. 14, 2017 - Apr. 22, 2017

For years, Moran Shoub has engaged in attentive, intimate, sensuous encounters with books and the sense of the world they emit. Her keen, loving eye has traced the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and aesthetic roots and layers created by elements such as cover and endpaper design, typography, diacritical signs, interrelations between text and illustration, quality of paper, printing, and spine stitches. Often, these encounters produce in her works a direct, accessible point of view that faithfully documents her exploration’s findings. In addition, she often uses veiled or apparent interventions, planting her own lines instead of the original text or combining in her photographs of books elements that serve to illustrate the experience and significance of the encounter. She also turns her attention on the traces that repeated reading has left in the books: stains, doodles, unstitching, wear and tear.1 Read over and over again, the books map out an extensive space inhabited over time by numerous
participants; this space is now compounded by an artistic project that brings together reader and text, reader and writer, author and illustrator, reader and listener. The exhibition invites the viewers to all these encounters through an exploration of the forgotten figure of artist and illustrator Tzila Binder (1919–1987), via an intricate display comprising photographs, objects, texts, archival matter, and audio play.

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