Narda Alvarado | Group Exhibition

Curator: Nirith Nelson
March 3, 2007 - June 9, 2007

Killing Time, 2005-2007, video, 5:45 min
Olive Green, 2003, video, 4:30 min
נרדה אלוורדו
Narda Alvarado: My Imperfect Paradise

“[Cinema is] the only experience in which time is given to me as a perception.”
— Jean-Louis Schefer

Making art, according to Bolivian artist Narda Alvarado, allows one to alter reality according to one’s wishes, with no restrictions. This permits her “to live in a chaotic, contradictory, absurd and romantic world.” In her oeuvre, she juxtaposes order and chaos at several levels and adds humor to complete the picture.

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