Numerator and Denominator

Numerator and Denominator | Group Exhibition

Curators: Zali Gurevitch, Tsibi Geva, Dalia Levin and Tal Bechler
June 18, 2011 - Sep. 10, 2011

Numerator and Denominator is an arithmetical term expressing division. A horizontal line, the fracture bar, divides and separates the numerator above, and the denominator below it. The denominator gives the name, it communicates what. The numerator counts how many. Together they convey how many of what.
The exhibition employs this concept metaphorically, illustrating the vertical aspect in our life and the essential division between above and below – between heaven and earth, top and bottom, master and slave – the two sides of the facture bar.
The denominator is the bottom one – heavy, severe, oppressed but also subversive, striving to rise to the numerator. The numerator conveys lightness, light, superiority, freedom, ascension, and yet it also harbors the fear of falling and a longing to step on solid ground, sit or lie on the bar.
The curatorial process was the one-time collaboration of four people: Zali Gurevitch, Anthropology professor and poet, Tsibi Geva, artist and lecturer, laureate of The 2011 Life Time Achievement Award from the Ministry of Culture; Dalia Levin, Museum director; Tal Bechler, curator at the museum. This have led to a productive process which addresses the different metaphorical aspects of Numerator and Denominator and a compilation of artworks expressing the subject on it cultural, political, social and scientific aspects.

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