Omer Krieger and Nir Evron

Omer Krieger and Nir Evron | Preaching to the Choir

Curator: Maayan Sheleff
Sep. 26, 2015 - Dec. 26, 2015

Rehearsing the Spectacle of Specters, the title of Omer Krieger and Nir Evron’s video installation (2014), are the opening words of a poem by Anadad Eldan (b. 1924), member of Kibbutz Beeri on the Israel-Gaza border. Eldan – the “kibbutz poet,” who wrote texts for kibbutz ceremonies and festivals – is also a renowned, widely published lyrical poet. His poems have a unique sound based on rich and musical ancient Hebrew. The video documents a group of kibbutz members reciting the poem in the community center (Beit Ha’am) basement; it is, however, a digital choir of individual figures grafted one on the other, juxtaposed with footage of gathering areas and public stages enabling collective expression.

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