Pesach Slabosky | The Continuation of Biological Life II

Jan. 11, 2003 - March 22, 2003

The title given by Pesach Slabosky to this work attests to his desire to unite the art he creates and the life transpiring around him, thus linking the artistic-spiritual practice and the physical-biological processes that allow their existence. The title goes back to that of an earlier show he presented at Givon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv in November 1998. The current work in fact continues his preoccupation with the same contents in sculpture. The glass underlying this work represents substance in a fluid state of aggregation that can undergo multiple metamorphoses with neither substantial nor qualitative loss of matter. For all the materials selected by Slabosky for these works, this is a ‘second chapter’: bottles, broken glass, glass leftovers from his neighbor glazier, scraps, used nails, etc. The element of recycling is not only ecological, economic or sanitary. It represents the ability to move from one phase to another, to create layers and be reincarnated in different shapes and forms, while preserving a continuum unique to the process of work with glass. This is similar to the way in which the substances that constitute our world undergo endless geological processes of wear and tear, disintegration, and metamorphic fusion, to produce new substances that retain certain data about their various origins.
פסח סלבוסקי

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