Reouth Keren | Soul Seeker

Curator: Sally Haftel
July 23, 2022 - Dec. 3, 2022

Soul Seeker, 2022
Deconstructed installation: videos, 3D prints, sound

In an age of accelerating technological development, far-reaching scientific discoveries are occurring at a dizzying rate. They evoke astonishment accompanied by a feeling of horror, and offer a cure, improvements, and even alternatives for the human.

Soul Seeker is a reflection on the ramifications and meanings inherent in humanity’s ability to conjure the “non-existent,” to forge a reliable replication of itself. Across four stations throughout the museum, the life story of X – a fictional figure living in virtual spaces – unfolds. The exhibition spaces in which she appears and her encounters with visitors give her existence validity and allow her to take part in our reality.

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