RISING STAR | Collection of works by recent Israeli art school graduates

Curators: Dalia Levin, Ghila Limon, Tal Bechler
Jan. 4, 2014 - Aug. 16, 2014

The exhibition presents a collection of works by recent Israeli art school graduates.

The two major factors in the process of selecting the young artists participating in this exhibition were our impressions of their graduation projects and talks with the artists themselves as well as the teachers and mentors who taught and knew them throughout their studies. An interesting question raised in these conversations was how to define the typical traits of a promising young artist. Some suggestions were a passion for art, commitment to creativity, eagerness to explore diverse artistic disciplines, awareness of the artistic discourse, cultivation of critical reflection, and refinement of a personal artistic language. We also discussed the willingness to dare, take risks and cope with failure. Having said all that, clearly this is not an exhaustive, mandatory recipe, as an artist can succeed even without some or any of these traits.

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