Roy Menahem Markovich

Roy Menahem Markovich | No-Nonsense – VideoZone

Curators: Antonio Geusa and Dalia Levin
Dec. 6, 2008 - Feb. 14, 2009

A Fountain in a Square, 2008, video, 0:38 min
Bicycle at the Park, 2007, video, 0:15 min
Rolling Stones, 2007, video, 0:50 min
רועי מנחם מרקוביץ
Roy Menahem Markovich draws on the aesthetics of special effects in B-movies in three works which enact a situation, where the ground is pulled out from under the pastoral world he constructs. The three scenes, which appear to have been extracted from disaster movies-falling rocks in a landslide, chained bicycles falling by themselves, the ground breaking open in an earthquake-expose the ways in which the collapse effect was created, thereby neutralizing the horror while ridiculing the manipulation which generated it.

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