Shir Handelsman | No More Candies for You

Curator: Sally Haftel
July 23, 2022 - Dec. 3, 2022

No More Candies for You, 2022
Video installation, 15 min

The ability to imagine seems to be an inextricable part of being human, almost as much as breathing. Imagination is essential to freedom of thought, affecting everyday actions, big and small, and the formation of self-identity. Both a person’s private world and universal development and progress are shaped, nourished, and largely affected by the imagination. Imagine a world without imagination. But occasionally, the ability to imagine, which to many seems to be self-evident, goes out of whack –completely absent, or conversely overly active. What feelings might arise when the ability to imagine fades, when the ability to translate a thought, idea, or memory into a visual image is lost? And vice versa: What would it be like to have a world in which the imagination is unbridled, turning it fantastic, saturated, and tumultuous, light years away from the actual one?

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