Tal Matzliah | The Delight of De-Sequencing, installation, 1993-2003

Curator: Eitan Hilel
April 1, 2003 - June 21, 2003

From the very outset of her artistic career Matzliah was viewed as an individualist artist with a rich inner world and a unique, personal language. Variegated both in terms of form and coloration, her paintings teem with dense, compact images that fill the surface obsessively, overflowing onto the frame as well. Everything is executed with small, emphasized brushstrokes, while blending materials: pen overrides pigment, felt-tip pen covers pencil, oil and acrylic paints merge in a frenzy of hatched lines, while erasing and adding, creating thick and heavily layered surfaces, with either brilliant colors or dark monochromes. The spectrum of themes addressed ranges from the private to the public, from biographical to philosophical preoccupation with fundamental questions concerning east-west, strong-weak, man-woman relationships. She does all this while turning a reflexive gaze on the artwork’s status as a commodity, the place of the beautiful and the decorative in current art, and the affinities between high and low art. Her works are full of energy. They convey strength and attest to a rich and stormy inner world and to caring and involvement in the Israeli reality.

טל מצליח

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