Tamar Ettun | No-Nonsense – VideoZone

Curators: Antonio Geusa and Dalia Levin
Dec. 6, 2008 - Feb. 14, 2009

Shemoneh Esreh Prayer (Eighteen Benedictions), 2008, video, 5:59 min
Shoot, 2007, video, 00:28 min
The 24th Floor, 2007, video, 04:00 min
Attempts, 2007, video, 9:49 min
Weathercock, 2007, video, 12:53 min
תמר אטון
Tamar Ettun challenges the boundaries of bodily pain and danger, using the body as an inanimate object in everyday situations, a type of absurd sculpture obeying various physical laws. She sets ostensibly illogical or pointless goals for herself: distorting her body into a weather vane of sorts that spins on a rooftop; hanging from an electric pole; climbing up traffic signs in a hopeless attempt to remove pairs of shoes hanging from the trees; and performing as an acrobat without a safety net (and without audience).

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